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Debbie Pask is Founder of Zenful Business Coaching practice and the Co-Founder of Rezinate, a holistic coaching practice. Debbie supports her clients in discovering their talent, value and vision; and assists them in fine-tuning their X-Factor and staying in balance. Before she landed here, Debbie worked in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi throughout her early twenties and juggled a university degree in philosophy. Naturally career driven, by her mid-to-late twenties, Debbie was offered a board-level position at George Patterson Bates, responsible for managing a team of 65 people. She worked sixty to eighty hour weeks – and some nights didn’t go home – until she suffered from severe adrenal burnout. This turning point forced her to stop and reevaluate the overall picture of her health and life. Debbie walked away from an exponentially high salary and fast paced career, to rejuvenate, rebuild her health and foster a loving relationship with herself. From here Debbie went on to successfully build (and sell) two businesses, Adtopia and Tick Boxer, while simultaneously enrolling herself into meditation, energy therapy, and Reiki courses, along with subconscious brain patterning training. These modalities formed the basis of her current coaching practices.

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