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About Samantha Sargent

Samantha Sargent is an advocate for natural beauty, health and wellbeing. She is the founder of Be genki, the animal-, environment, everything-friendly brand, that recommends a holistic approach to beauty and self-care; and the founder of Be naturallyou, an online shop that bridges the gap between natural and luxury. Products with integrity that work. With a side of inspiration, interviews and common sense beauty tips to help encourage women (and men) to fall in love with themselves (and their bodies) again. Based on 16+ years of industry experience.

What makes Sam’s approach unique is the depth of research she undertakes, coupled with her holistic and common sense approach in helping to improve the health and happiness in her customers, clients and readers day-to-day lives, by addressing all aspects of life: relationships, work, nutrition, ‘me’ time, exercise, education, inspiration and relaxation, to name a few; by drawing down on her diverse background of Holistic Nutrition, Make Up Artistry, Skin Care and Image Training, Physical Education (Fitness), Aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana Meditation and Aura-Soma.

Sam enjoys inspiring holistic happiness via Be genki and Be Naturallyou, and also as a writer and blogger providing tips on how to incorporate daily self-caring rituals that promote inner health and harmony in the face of life’s little pressures.



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