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The industry of female networking events is evolving, and Australian Business Woman and Entrepreneur, Shivani Gopal is leading the charge, with her new social enterprise, The Remarkable Woman, which is guaranteed to shake up the way in which women connect and empower themselves and one another.

“Women’s networks usually focus on building business strategy, networking and listening to keynote speakers but at the end of the event there are no mentors or accountability tools that help women breach the gap to extraordinary lives they ought to live,” says Shivani, founder of The Remarkable Woman.

Shivani explains,  “I wanted to create a platform for women that truly stood by its members, by enriching women’s lives in practical ways, with a real, measurable impact providing personal, professional and financial empowerment. And so, The Remarkable Woman was born.”

According to Shivani, The Remarkable Woman is a Girls Club meets Ted Talks. Its a social enterprise designed to challenge social norms and put an end to gender inequality in a different and clever way, “We’ve been talking about pay inequality for decades and we still don’t have real change – pay inequality takes away a woman’s economic power, and we can give them back their economic empowerment by doing things differently.”

Shivani sees The Remarkable Woman as an evolution of women’s networking business, by taking the extra step to provide the necessary support to ensure its members are truly in the drivers’ seat steering their life towards their desired destination.

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